Mobile Apps revolution

Internet usage on mobile phones is growing at a scorching pace, giving rise to predictions that mobile internet usage will soon overtake desktop computers. It is estimated that the apps market in 2012 will be worth $17.5 bn. But what actually will make the apps market hot?

Apps in local languages: In India downloading or buying mobile phone apps is still a new trend. One of the reasons is that most apps are developed for the English speaking audience. The year 2012 would see apps targeted at Indian consumers comfortable with their regional languages. So imagine Angry Birds in Malayalam or Quickoffice in Punjabi. Apps targeted at specific demographic profiles in their own languages could be a big trend in 2012.

Localised apps: As the popularity of apps increases and with more and more people adapting to them, launch of niche apps seems to be just round the corner. If there is already an app for almost everything you can imagine, why can't your kirana store owner launch his own app.

For example, on your way home from office in the evening, you open your friendly kirana store's app on your smart phone and select the grocery you want to purchase. As soon as you reach home the grocery is already waiting for you.


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